The Retirement Planning Process

Our approach is to really get to know you through a series of meetings where we learn about your interests, passions and concerns. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do and want to understand your current situation and what you are looking forward to the future.

We help you really enjoy your life by making the most of your finances. By having the flexibility and options provides a ‘sense of control’ so we work with you in building your wealth. We do acknowledge that this takes time, patience and specialist advice so whatever your circumstances we help you set and achieve your goals in wealth and life.

Our approach includes:-

  • Identifying where you want to be
  • Considering the risks and opportunities
  • Determining the gap
  • Making the plan work for you
  • Helping you stay on track
  • Reviewing your goals

Financial Advice Fees

When it comes to seeking financial advice we understand that you need to be sure the advice comes from someone you can trust, who has the skills and experience to make your financial goals a reality. But the cost shouldn’t be excessive.

Complimentary initial appointment

Initial appointment of up to 2 hours comes without a fee. This gives our clients and ourselves an opportunity to establish whether we can be of assistance.

Comprehensive written quote before any work is commenced

The fees charged for our advice services are a combination of :-

  • A set dollar amount that is agreed between you and your wealth adviser; or
  • A percentage based fee based on the amount you invest that is agreed between you and your wealth adviser.

Our Partners

charter financial planning

Charter Financial Planning  has an extensive network of wealth advisers across Australia and has the experience, knowledge and the resources to support us in managing your wealth.

Charter Financial Planning is also proudly part of AMP, one of the largest wealth management and financial protection business in the country — with advice at its very core. This means we are backed by institutional strength.

However, this this does not mean that we simply recommend AMP products — our advice is always based upon what’s in your best interest.


The Children First Foundation was established in July 1999 with the mission of providing a safe haven in Australia for children — irrespective of race or creed — who are in need of medical or emotional support.
Tynan Financial Planners actively supports the Children’s First Foundation and we are very proud of the difference that we have been able to make over the years.
Find out more about this wonderful organisation here.